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Learning to Complete Knowledge Graphs with Deep Sequential Models
Authors: Lingbing Guo, Qingheng Zhang, Wei Hu et al.
Institution:State Key Laboratory for Novel Software Technology, Nanjing University, China
Keywords:Knowledge graph;entity prediction;triple prediction;recurrent neural network
Issue 3: 224-243, 2019 | PDF

Published: May 15, 2019
Abstract: Knowledge graph (KG) completion aims at filling the missing facts in a KG, where a fact is typically represented as a triple in the form of
Virtual Knowledge Graphs: An Overview of Systems and Use Cases
Authors: Guohui Xiao; Linfang Ding; Benjamin Cogrel; Diego Calvanese
Institution:KRDB Research Centre for Knowledge and Data, Free University of Bozen-Bolzano, Bolzano 39100, Italy; Technical University of Munich, Munich 80333, Germany
Keywords:Virtual knowledge graph;Ontology-based data access;Data integration;Data virtualization
Issue 3: 201-223, 2019 | PDF

Published: May 5, 2019
Abstract: In this paper, we present the virtual knowledge graph (VKG) paradigm for data integration and access, also known in the literature as Ontology-based Data Access. Instead of structuring the integrat...
Joint Entity and Event Extraction with Generative Adversarial Imitation Learning
Authors: Tongtao Zhang, Heng Ji, Avirup Sil
Institution:Computer Science Department, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, Troy, -, USA
Keywords:Information extraction;Event extraction;Imitation learning;Generative adversarial network
Issue 2: 99-120, 2019 | PDF

Published: March 19, 2019
Abstract: We propose a new framework for entity and event extraction based on generative adversarial imitation learning—an inverse reinforcement learning method using a generative adversarial network (GAN). ...
AMiner: Search and Mining of Academic Social Networks
Authors: Huaiyu Wan, Yutao Zhang, Jing Zhang et al.
Institution:Beijing Jiaotong University
Keywords:Academic social networks;Profile extraction;Name disambiguation;Topic modeling;Expertise Search;Network mining
Issue 1: 58-76, 2019 | PDF

Published: June 20, 2018
Abstract: AMiner is a novel online academic search and mining system, and it aims to provide a systematic modeling approach to help researchers and scientists gain a deeper understanding of the large and het...
Sustainability in Data and Food
Authors: Dean Allemang
Institution:Working Ontologist, LLC., 55 W Livingston Avenue, Columbus, OH 43215, USA
Keywords:Agriculture; Data science; Data sharing; Sustainability; Vocabulary management
Issue 1: 43-57, 2019 | PDF

Published: June 20, 2018
Abstract: As the world population continues to increase, world food production is not keeping up. This means that to continue to feed the world, we will need to optimize the production and utilization of foo...
From Persistent Identifiers to Digital Objects to Make Data Science More Efficient
Authors: Peter Wittenburg
Institution:Max Planck Computing and Data Facility
Keywords:Big data; Data management; Persistent identifiers; Digital objects; Data infrastructure; Data intensive science
Issue 1: 6-21, 2019 | PDF

Published: June 20, 2018
Abstract: Data-intensive science is reality in large scientific organizations such as the Max Planck Society, but due to the inefficiency of our data practices when it comes to integrating data from differen...
FAIR Science for Social Machines: Let's Share Metadata Knowlets in the Internet of FAIR Data and Services
Authors: Barend Mons
Institution:Leiden University Medical Centre, The Netherlands
Keywords:FAIR science;Semantic publication;Metadata;Knowlets;FAIR principles
Issue 1: 22-42, 2019 | PDF

Published: May 11, 2018
Abstract: In a world awash with fragmented data and tools, the notion of Open Science has been gaining a lot of momentum, but simultaneously, it caused a great deal of anxiety. Some of the anxiety may be rel...
Introducing the Editor-in-Chief Committee of Data Intelligence
Authors: Fenghong
Institution:Data Intelligence Editorial Committee
Keywords:Editor-in-Chief Committee, Data Intelligence
Issue 1: 1, 2019 | PDF

Published: Sept. 26, 2017
Abstract: Welcome to the Data Intelligence Journal! We would like to introduce the Editor-in-Chief Committee.
An Evaluation of Chinese Human-Computer Dialogue Technology
Authors: Zhengyu Zhao, Weinan Zhang, Wanxiang Che et al.
Institution:Research Center for Social Computing and Information Retrieval, Harbin Institute of Technology, China
Keywords:Chinese human-computer dialogue evaluation;Evaluation data;User intent classification;Task-oriented dialogue
Issue 2: 187-200, 2019 | PDF

Abstract: The human-computer dialogue has recently attracted extensive attention from both academia and industry as an important branch in the field of artificial intelligence (AI). However, there are few st...
MDKB-Bot: A Practical Framework for Multi-Domain Task-Oriented Dialogue System
Authors: Yadi Lao, Weijie Liu, Sheng Gao et al.
Institution:Pattern Recognition and Intelligence System Lab, Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications, China
Keywords:Dialogue system;Knowledge base;Natural language understanding;Slot filling;Natural language generation
Issue 2: 176-186, 2019 | PDF

Abstract: One of the major challenges to build a task-oriented dialogue system is that dialogue state transition frequently happens between multiple domains such as booking hotels or restaurants. Recently, t...